Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peggyboard - A message board for Peggy2

Peggy2 is an electronic peg board with a matrix of 25x25 LEDs. Peggy2 was designed by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and kits are available on their store site. I built a peggy2 earlier this year and have been tinkering with it.

Peggy2 is Arduino compatible as it's run by an ATMega168 (or 328p) microcontroller. One of the first projects I worked on was a simple message board program called peggyboard. This program lets you write and save a message using the navigation buttons. The characters are 3x5 pixels each allowing for 6x4 characters on the board. The message is stored in EEPROM so it can be redisplayed when you turn the peggy back on.

Here is the Arduino sketch for Peggyboard. You also need the Peggy2 library installed in order to compile the sketch.

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